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Anyone can buy at our auctions as long as they are over 18 years of age.  The process to sign up to buy is very easy. All you need is a government issued identification card or driver license.  We will issue you a bidder card with your bidder number on it.  You can then bid on any items that you would like.

We sell one item at a time. Anyone with a bidder card can bid, it is really easy.  The auctioneer will ask for a specific price.  If you feel like the price is one you want to pay for the item just raise your bidder card up into the air so the auctioneer can see it.  The auctioneer will except bids from anyone with a bidder card.  The bidder that bids the highest amount for the item has won the bid and now owns the item for the amount bid.  (Other fees may be included in the final purchase price.  Buyer premium and state sales tax are usually added to the purchase price at our auctions.)  If you have any questions about these fees, please ask for information before you bid on any item. 

Please see the terms of sale page on this website for more buyer information.  

All sales are final.  Please look at items before you bid on them.  Please inspect them to your own satisfaction so you know for sure what you are bidding on.  We will try and tell you if we know that an item has damage, etc… before we sell it. 

Once you have bid on all the items that you wish to, the next step is to pay for the items.  We accept cash, checks and credit cards.  Once the items are paid for you can remove them from the auction.  If you need us to deliver the items you bought to you, we can do that.  Please let us know that you would like us to deliver the items and we will work out the details to get the items to you as soon as we can.

We are always looking for items that are in good condition and we will be happy to discuss selling your items for you.  Please call us at 941-527-6571 for information.

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